Common commercial roofing problems

The roof to your commercial property is essential for structural security and protection from the elements. But this doesnt mean that your commercial roof will be free of problems. In fact, many companies and businesses struggle with the same roofing issues, for the same reasons. So, what are the most common commercial roofing problems? And […]

Why should you choose high performance felt roofing?

Felt roofing can be a great option for a range of properties. From domestic homes, to schools and commercial properties, high performance felt roofing can be very effective. But why is this a good option compared to other roofing choices? And why should you choose high performance felt roofing? Well, here at JMS Roofing, we […]

Looking after your sedum roof this Spring

Here at JMS Roofing in Birmingham, we are roofing experts. From commercial to domestic roofing projects, and flat roofs to green roofs, we are experienced in all areas of roofing. Green roofs have become incredibly popular over recent years, especially with the increase in environmental concern. But how can you keep your sedum roof looking […]

Flat roofs and ponding problems

Here at JMS Roofing, we are Birmingham’s leading roofing experts. From commercial properties, to domestic and industrial, we provide a range of high quality roofing solutions. And we also offer repair and maintenance too. Commercial flat roofs typically have the most frequent issues, with ponding being one of the common problems. As a result, we […]

Thermal shock and your domestic roof

domestic roofing services in Birmingham

Domestic roofing, just like commercial roofing, is something we specialise in here at JMS Roofing in Birmingham. And just like commercial roofs, domestic roofs are always responding and adapting to the temperatures. But this reaction could cause premature roof failure, causing leaks or other roof issues. This is because of thermal shock. And this is […]

Advantages of commercial steel roof over-cladding

Here at JMS Roofing, we are Birmingham’s leading commercial and domestic roofing experts. And we provide a number of different types of commercial roof option, including felt roofing, sedum and green roofing, and steel roofing. So why should your company decide to use steel roofing? Well, this is our guide to the advantages of commercial steel […]