Is green roofing efficient?

With spring now well underway and plants springing up everywhere you might be considering installing a green roof. A green roof can be a very suitable option for flat roof commercial properties where these can bring a range of benefits and advantages. Here at JMS Roofing we are Birmingham’s leading roofing experts. From steel over cladding to warm and cold roofs we can provide the perfect roof for your property. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the efficiency of green roofs.

So is green roofing efficient?

Green roofing is a very efficient and sustainable roofing option. In fact green roofing can increase the efficiency of your building in both the summer and the winter months.

Green roofing and winter thermal efficiency

Green roofing can prevent and reduce heat loss from your commercial property. This is because the layer  of soil and plants, or the green roofing mat will form an additional layer of insulation on top of your warm roof system. In the winter months this can increase the temperature within your commercial property reducing your reliance on gas or electricity to heat your building. 

Green roofing and efficiency in the summer

In the summer months green roofing can reduce the amount of heat your flat roof absorbs from the sun, preventing your commercial property from getting too hot. This can reduce your reliance and use of air conditioning units, which can be very expensive and costly to run.

Green roofing and water

In addition, green roofing can provide an efficient option for dealing with surplus water in industrial or urban areas. This is because the roof itself will absorb a lot of rain water instead of contributing to the continual run off of rainwater from commercial properties.

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