Choosing the right roof tiles

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For domestic and pitched roofing, roof tiles are still a popular option. But how can you be sure to choose the right roof tiles for your property, and the climate? Well, here at JMS Roofing, we are Birmingham’s leading roofing experts. From steel roofs to felt roofs, and even green roofs, we are the leading experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about choosing the right roof tiles.

What are the important considerations for choosing the right roof tiles?

When it comes to choosing the right type of roof tiles for your home or property, you should consider:

  • The material choice- there are number of different types of roof tile, made form different materials. These include slate, clay and ceramic. Clay can be a very effective option for a range of homes and buildings as these are strong and durable. These are available in shades of red, orange, brown and grey. Concrete tiles are often used as an alternative to clay or slate. These are available in a similar range of colours to the clay tiles, and offer a high level of performance.
  • Shape and size- another consideration is the shape and size of the roof tiles. Large format tiles can be a good option as these cover a larger area, with fewer support battens. You can also choose between flat tiles, curved tiles or S-shaped pantiles. The choice you make will be mostly due to aesthetic considerations.
  • The pitch of the roof- the pitch of the roof determines which tiles will be the most suitable for your property, and this is one of the most important and practical decisions you will need to make. A professional roofing team, like us here at JMS Roofing, can help ensure you make the right choice.

For more information about the right tiles for your roof, get in touch with the experts today, here at JMS Roofing.