How do freezing temperatures affect domestic roofs?

With wintry weather appearing more frequently, and some potential snow and freezing temperatures on the horizon, keeping your home protected should be an important consideration. But how do freezing temperatures affect domestic roofs? And what can you do to keep your domestic roof in good condition? Well, here at JMS Roofing, we are Birmingham’s leading roofing experts. From commercial roofing to domestic, we are the team you can count on. And this is our guide to everything you should know about freezing temperatures and domestic roofs.

How do freezing temperatures affect domestic roofs?

Domestic roofs can be negatively effected by freezing temperatures in a number of different ways, including:

  • Rain- rain is the biggest type of problem weather in the UK, and we often see a lot of it over the winter months. And when combined with the freezing temperatures, rain can cause a lot of damage to your roof. First of all, the water can freeze on the surface of a flat roof, increasing the weight burden on the roof and causing potential leaks. On other types of roof, the water can run off into small gaps by the guttering or flashing, where it will then freeze, expanding and causing more damage to the roof.
  • Snow- in addition to rain, snow can also be a problem during freezing temperatures. This is because snow does not drain away from the surface of the roof as quickly as rain water, and instead can stick, causing a heavy burden. For domestic roofs that are already damaged, or those that have not been well maintained, this can cause structural damage or leaks.
  • Icy winds– for tiled roofs, icy winds can cause the biggest issue. The wind can rip off tiles by lifting the tile edges.

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by JMS Roofing Birmingham