Roof warning signs: Do you need a new roof?

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Here at JMS Roofing, we are experienced roofing contractors. From green roofs and living roofs, to felt roofs and traditional roofs, we deal with all manner of roof related repair, installation and maintenance tasks. As a result, we are often called out to take a look at some of the most common roof problems, and to fix these. However, not every roof problem can be fixed. And if your roof has served the course of it’s life-span (25-50 years), the chances are, you will need a new roof. So whether it’s a commercial or domestic roof, what are the roof warning signs? And do you need a new roof?

Roof problems and the age of the roof

As with anything in life, signs of wear and tear will cause bigger problems for your roof, the older it is. And while patching up flashing and holes can lead to an extra lease of life, it wont last forever. In the UK, its generally considered that 50 years is a good life span for a tiled roof, and 25 years is great for a felt roof. And so if you notice any roof warning signs after this age, the chances are, you’ll need a new roof.

Issues with the flashing

The flashing and point work on your roof can become patchy, or leave gaps over time. And this can cause water to get into your home, and cause issues with damp. As a result, if you see any issues with chimney flashing, you need to get a professional team in to take a look as soon as possible. This can be easily fixed, as long as the problem isn’t allowed to spread and create too large a hole.

Holes in the roof

A much more obvious problem is holes in the roof. Missing slates, or tiles, or warn out patches in a felt roof can cause serious problems with your home. So if daylight can be seen through the roof from your attic, this means that your roof needs some urgent attention. In this case, a full re-roof may not be necessary, but your roof certainly needs some attention.

If you have any of the above roof issues, don’t hesitate! Get in touch with the professionals here at JMS Roofing today.