Felt roofing for commercial properties

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One of the most common features of commercial properties, from supermarkets to warehouses, is a large, flat roof space. This makes commercial properties a fantastic option for a green or living roof, or for felt roofing. And here at JMS Roofing, as Birmingham’s leading roofing specialists, we can offer either service. So if you think your property would benefit from a felt roof, check out this guide to felt roofing for commercial properties.

What is felt roofing?

Felt roofing is a great way to cover your roof in a waterproof material. Felt is specially designed to be 100% waterproof to keep out the rain and damp weather. By forming a mat of fibres, that are coated with bitumen, and sprinkled with sand, felt roofing is created. And these mats, or pieces of felt, are available in a variety of lengths from just 8m, all the way to 20m. However, it is almost always around 1m wide.

Turning felt into a roof

To create a roof from felt, you generally need “built up” felt roofing. This is where the pieces of felt, are layered one on top of the other, to create a secure and impressive felt roof. Best suited to a flat roof, this method involved bonding one layer to the next, without gaps. Creating a fully waterproof, weather resistant, durable felt roof.

In addition, to secure it from the sun, the layers of felt will be coated with a layer of chippings, or a mineral cap sheet.

High performance felt roofing

High performance felt roofing uses a polyester mat, instead of a glass fibre mat. And this means that it can last for up 30 years, without needing to be replaced. This is because it is generally more durable, and tougher than other options.

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