Common winter roofing problems

The winter weather isn’t just irritating for us, it can also cause real damage to buildings and properties. And the most exposed part of any building is generally the roof. That’s why installing a weatherproof and water resistant roof is essential for protecting your property. But what are the common winter roofing problems? And what can you do to prevent them?

What are the most common winter roofing problems?

There are a number of different problems and issues that can affect your roof in the winter months. The most common problems that many roofs encounter during the winter period include:

  • Condensation- this happens when the warm air from your home rises to meet cold air from outside, or comes into contact with a frozen surface. When winter weather hits, your roof can become very cold, especially if this is not properly insulated, protected or ventilated. As a result, water damage to timber frames and internally leaking can occur, as well as mildew and mould developing. You should speak to a professional team to inspect your roof and note any lack of ventilation or insulation, so you can make improvements in the future.
  • Leaks- losing a tile due to high winds and winter storms, or damage to your flat roof because of winter weather is not uncommon. Flashings around your chimney can also be damaged. All of these can lead to leaks in the roof, and in wall cavities. This can lead to the development of damp, and damage the structural integrity of your property. You should make sure that any problems are dealt with immediately, especially during the winter, to prevent water ingress.

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