Spring maintenance for your sedum roof

Here at JMS Roofing in Birmingham, we are roofing experts. From commercial to domestic roofing projects, and flat roofs to green roofs, we are experienced in all areas of roofing. Green roofs have become incredibly popular over recent years, especially with the increase in environmental concern. But how can you keep your sedum roof looking good all year round? Well, this is our guide to Spring maintenance for your sedum roof.

Spring maintenance for your sedum roof

One of the best things about a sedum roof is the lack of maintenance it requires. Essentially your green roof will look after itself. However, in Spring months, you should think about a couple of task you could undertake to make sure your sedum roof continues to look its best. This includes:

  • cleaning the roof and gutters
  • feeding the roof

Cleaning your sedum roof

Spring maintenance for your sedum roof should involve cleaning the roof. If you want your sedum roof to look great and attract wildlife, you need to remove litter and debris that may be gathering up there. Fallen leaves, rubbish or litter can all end up on your roof, and this can stop the sedum from receiving the sunlight necessary to grow. As a result, patches of sedum that have been hidden under litter can die off. Leaving unsightly patches of dead sedum or bare batches.

You should also check your draisn are clear and the gutters are OK while you are up there.

Feeding your sedum roof

While sedum might get most of the nutrients from rain and sun, it will benefit from an annual feed once the weather starts to warm up. This should take place every year, so why not make a note on your calendar?

For more information or advice about Spring maintenance for your sedum roof, get in touch with the experts today, here at JMS Roofing.