Benefits of an extensive green roof

When it comes to green roofs, there are 2 types: intensive and extensive. And while the intensive green roof might lead to stunning roof gardens and urban secrets, the extensive green roof is more common, and more practical. But why should you choose to install an extensive green roof? Well, here at JMS Roofing, we provide a full range of roofing services for both our commercial and domestic customers. As a result, we have produced this guide to the benefits of an extensive green roof.

Energy efficiency

Green roofs dont just look great and help out the local wildlife, they are also practical. In fact, extensive green roofs can promote energy efficiency. That’s because they actually reduce the loss of heat through the roof, with the layers of matted fibers providing additional insulation. This means that in the winter your business wont have to spend as much money on heating bills, leading to big savings.

In addition, green roofs also prevent your roof from becoming too hot during the summer. This overheating usually raises the temperature in your property, and prompts you to use the air conditioning. Again costing you more money. But not with an extensive green roof!
That’s a win for both the summer and the winter.

Improved air quality

Another of the benefits of an extensive green roof is the improved air quality. If you work by a main road, with busy traffic, or even in the centre of the city, your air quality is likely to be poor. And both pollution and dust can be harmful to our health and well-being.

Extensive green roofs can provide a great solution to this issue. The plant leaves trap the dust particles in the air, and the constant cycle of evaporation, can cool the ambient temperature. This means that at the ground level, there is less smog outside your property, your air will be slightly cleaner and the temperature a little lower. But on the whole, the urban heat island can begin to be negated with the introduction of more extensive green roofs.

For more information, or for your own extensive green roof installation, get in touch with the experts today, here at JMS Roofing.