Look After your Flat Roof this Winter!

Flat roofs tend to be more popular but they require the most maintenance and upkeep than say a sloped roof. Because of their flat structure, they are susceptible to debris, snow and water, especially during the Winter.

Below we have provided the best ways to look after your flat roof during these cold Winter months.

Remove all Debris

Debris on your roof increases the chances of water logging and leaks and if your roof is covered with leaves or bits of branches, then it can quickly turn to mulch as soon as the snow sets in. Sweep the roof regularly to avoid this, this Winter.

Check for Cracks

Because the roof is the most exposed area of your house, it is likely that it will become prone to cracks and any other small damages. Larger cracks require professional attention but smaller cracks can be repaired with a patch kit. Ensure that you always carry out regular checks and prevent the problem from getting any bigger if one is occurring.

Check the Caulking

Always check that cracks haven’t appeared in the area where the surface attaches to the walls. This is the cause of the majority of water leaks, and one way to prevent this is to seal them straight away.

Check the Drains

Ensure that when you’re cleaning your roof, you always check your drains in case they become blocked and clogged. You can always use your hose pipe to remove any leftover debris that you might not be able to get with your brush or hands. If your drains are working properly, then it’s a better chance you won’t experience any water leaks this Winter. This will also prevent any snow from building up as the snow will find a clean passage and make its way down that.