Top Tips to prevent against your roof leaking this Winter!

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There’s nothing like being cautious when it comes to your roof and any leaks or damages you may experience this upcoming Winter will no doubt hinder our plans and make you shell out a bucket load of money for repair costs. It is always important to identify any problems now so you can get them fixed and sorted before the cold weather starts.

Roof Maintenance
Keeping your roof clean is one of the most important things to need to stay on top of. Debris is one of the many causes of roof damage and leaks – make sure your roof is free of any leaves, branches, rubbish and anything else they may be up there.

Trim your Branches
This especially goes for any overhanging branches you may have as this will reduce any debris that lands on your roof in the first place. By staying aware of this, it will keep your repair costs low.

Clean your Gutters
Gutters that have been clogged up for quite some time can lead to something called ice dams which causes major damage to your attic and the entire upper floor of your home. Ensure that your gutters are completely free of leaves and rubbish before the temperatures drop below freezing.

Attic/Loft Insulation
Having a well-insulated attic can prevent a lot of leaks and damage that may occur if it wasn’t insulated. Many leaks during the Winter are caused by snow melting so a good way to prevent this from happening is to invest in a good insulator.

Roof Rake
These are great at gathering up the snow on your roof or any rubbish that may be up there. Make sure that you don’t snag it on anything on the way back down as this can cause even more damage. Once the snow has been gathered, your roof will be free and clean of any debris for a leak free Winter!

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