Checking your gutters in Autumn

Now that the evenings are darker and the weather is colder, its time to start thinking about the return of poor weather conditions. And as part of this, you will need to think about your gutters. Gutters, downspouts and drainpipes are essential for carrying water away from your roof safely, without causing any damage. And this means that broken or blocked gutters can cause a range of problems. But what are the benefits of checking your gutters in Autumn?

Why are gutters so important?

Gutters are important as these transport rain water away from your roof, and down to ground level. Depending on where you live, and the rains storms at the time, your gutter could be carrying gallons of water per second! This water, if not taken away, would cause serious problems for your roof, especially ponding problems caused by rain water standing stagnant on the surface of the roof.

Different types of guttering

You might not have given it much thought, but different types of guttering are available. PVC is a popular choice because of its naturally flexibility, durability, and its waterproof nature. But these are available in different sizes and styles, including those designed to deal with large amounts of rain water at a time. As a result, you should consider evaluating the performance of your current guttering. Does it get full easily? How clogged do your downspouts get? And does your guttering suit the aesthetic appeal of your property? If you’re not entirely happy, consider installing new guttering to meet your needs and requirements.

What are the benefits of checking your gutters in Autumn?

Because your gutters are so important, its a good idea to check them in the Autumn, and again at the end of winter to make sure they are in good working order. This can help your roof, flat or pitched, stay in perfect health and condition all year round.

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