Different types of living roof

When it comes to living roofs, we are experts here at JMS Roofing. From commercial green roofs, to domestic, we have the expertise and the knowledge to create whatever you need. But what are the different types of living roof? And why should you hire a professional team?

What are the two different types of living roof?

There are two main types of living roof. These are:

  • intensive
  • and extensive

There is also a third type which is somewhere in the middle of these two options, known as semi-intensive.

Extensive Green Roofs

Extensive green roofs are probably the most common type of green roof installed, created with the main purpose of supporting the local environment or promoting bio-diversity. There are a range of advantages to extensive green roofs, and these include:

  • reducing the urban heat island effects
  • reducing surface run off water
  • providing insulation
  • and improving air quality

With a substrate depth of around 100-150 mm, extensive green roofs are easy to install and require very little maintenance. The vegetation used is usually in the form of mosses, grasses, or sedum, is easily transported to the site, and then installed. As a result, it is easy for new builds to install as well to retrofit to existing buildings.

Extensive green roofs are also cheaper and require no structural work at all.

Intensive Green Roofs

Intensive green roofs are often installed on top of skyscrapers and other tall business or residential premises to create a roof garden. They have a much deeper soil depth, which means that a wider variety of plants can grow up there including flower beds, lawns, trees and shrubs. And there is often also water features, benches and paths.

Intensive green roofs tend to be more suited to new builds or large buildings with strong roofs, as the total weight of the installation (including the vegetation, soil, drainage and irrigation systems etc.) is potentially huge.

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