Guide to Sedum roofing

Here at JMS Roofing, we are Birmingham’s leading roofing providers. We work with both domestic and commercial clients to provide a whole host of professional roofing solutions. One of these is green roofing, and in particular, sedum roofing. But what exactly is sedum roofing?

Guide to sedum roofing

Sedum is a type of green roof, which is designed to create a habitat on your roof. After all, as more and more human buildings and infrastructure take up previously natural places and habitats, it is becoming more important than ever to ensure habitat replacement.

Green roofs can support plant life, which then attracts insects, and in turn birds and predators too. As a result, by simply adding a green roof to your home, you can support an entire eco-system.

A sedum roof, is a green roof that is made up of sedum plants. These are hardy plants that can withstand a range of conditions, from very dry to very wet, and very sunny to very shaded. So whatever direction your roof faces, and whatever climate you have, you can enjoy a bright and colourful roof.

Installing a sedum roof

The first thing that needs to be installed is a waterproof membrane. This will protect your roof and your home from the amount of water the green roof will hold.

On top of this waterproof membrane, the drainage layer will be added which uses an integrated root barrier. This is important as it can spread the water across the roof instead of pooling in different areas, and making the sedum waterlogged. This irrigation means that around 80% of the rainfall can be stored, and will then be released slowly during drier spells.

On top of the drainage layer, the sedum mat will be installed. This is similar to a layer of turf, in that it can be rolled out over the top, and the sedum is already in place in the mat.

For more information or advice about your green or sedum roof, get in touch with the professionals today, here at JMS Roofing.