Exploring green roofs


When it comes to installing a new roof, whether its a domestic or a commercial build, you should always look at all the options. A green roof can be a great option for your home, or your commercial property. Here at JMS Roofing we are domestic and commercial roofing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide exploring green roofs.

What are green roofs?

A green roof is a way of creating additional green space, by turning all that bare roof space into a garden. By adding a layer of soil, a layer of turf or grass, and a sprinkling of wild flowers, your property can replace some of the many natural areas being swallowed up by human expansion. A roof garden can be a really cool addition to both contemporary and traditional properties, and is suitable for both homes and commercial properties.

Commercial properties and green roofs

Commercial properties are often built with flat roofs. This is perfect for the addition of a roof garden, as a flat roof is actually the best surface possible. Adding a layer of greenery to this surface can help to keep the temperature down within your property, which means you wont have to turn on those fans or the air con as much. As a result, you will save money on your overheads. This is perfect for factories and workshops where tools emitting heat will be used regularly.

Domestic green roofs

For domestic properties, we often see green roofs being added to the design of an orangery or home extension. Instead of making use of a glass roof, the roof space instead is used to create green space, perfect for wildlife. This is a brilliant idea, as it means that at the time of building, the roof can be made strong enough to support the weight of a roof garden, and it will also provide more opportunity for the homeowner to landscape the green roof.

In summary

When exploring green roof options, make sure you choose an option suitable for your property. Only an experienced and qualified roofing company will be able to help create a secure and safe green roof. Why not contact us today, at JMS Roofing, to find out more?