Structural Work Birmingham

For structural problems, conversion and alterations our team can provide a quality service. Our knowledgeable staff carries out large steel fabricated framework for structural alterations. We also serve the residential communities requiring changes and alterations to their home. We have the correct remedies for all sort of structural problems such as damage to arches and […]

Roof Maintenance Birmingham

JMS provides a valuable maintenance and repair service to the commercial and industrial sector. We currently carry out many scheduled maintenance programs concerning high-level areas such as gutter and rainwater system cleaning, exhaust and pollution monitoring and general roof repairs and inspection. We realise the importance of such inspections for the prevention of water ingress […]

Steel Fabrication Birmingham

JMS offer the complete design and installation service of purpose built structures to house equipment or any other use. Previously our steel fabricated buildings have been specially designed to house transformer units, tank storage areas, mess rooms, sensitive equipment and sub stations. Our tradesmen include trained welders and metals workers, fabricators as well as structural […]

High Level Cleaning Birmingham

Our high-level training and health and safety proficiency, together with our competency in the use of mechanical access equipment has led to our services being utilised for high level cleaning and maintenance tasks. We can reach places others cannot without compromising safety. JMS provides its own top of the range industrial cleaning equipment that is […]


Not only do we clad roof structures, we also specialise in vertical cladding installation which with our custom made materials in desired colour and profile can give your building an impressive facelift offering modernity longevity and the option for insulation. This cladding system can also be complemented by the inclusion of polycarbonate or filon lenses […]