How to prepare your roof for winter

The cold winter months can wreak havoc on both residential and commercial roofs. Consequently, to ensure that your facility’s roof remains strong and sturdy against all manner of snow, ice, frost and hail, listed below are our top five tips for preparing your roof for winter:

Clear your gutters

One of the primary causes of roof damage is clogged gutters and during the cold winter months you will not want to climb up an icy ladder to clean them! Therefore you should clean out your gutters of all debris before the cold weather sets in. By checking that your gutters are clear of foliage, fastened in place and that your drains are functioning optimally, you can safeguard your roof against guttering-related damage this winter.

Waterproof your shingles

To protect your roof against heavy winter showers and snow flurries you should waterproof your shingles. If you use a roller to distribute waterproofing compounds across the top of your roof shingles, you can provide sufficient cover against rain, sleet and snow.

Replace broken flashings

If you have flashing alongside your roof’s chimney or pipes then you should inspect them before the winter weather arrives. By identifying broken flashings and replacing them well in advance, you can comprehensively protect your entire roof from water damage, throughout the entire winter.

Seal any remaining joints, cracks or seams

Similarly to locating and repairing broken flashings, you should scrutinise your roof for any joints, seams or cracks that may let in water during the winter. By investing in a professional quality caulking material that is compatible with your roofing materials, you can efficiently seal your roof and prevent winter weather-induced leaks.

Consult with a roofing specialist

If you consult with a professional roofing company before winter arrives then they can carry out an extensive survey on your facility’s roof and certify that it is sufficiently prepared for the season ahead. At JMS Roofing & Building Ltd, our team of building specialists have over 30 years of roofing experience and are well equipped to survey and repair all manner of domestic property and commercial buildings. Feel free to browse through our website today to discover our full range of services and read our satisfied customers’ recommendations.