JMS Roofing Birmingham – for all your roofing requirements

JMS roofing Birmingham

Here at JMS Roofing Birmingham, we have long offered our wide range of skills, services and expertise to the local community. In fact, altogether, the team has more than 90 years’ experience in the industry, meaning you can be sure that we can provide you with the right roofing solution to suit your exact requirements.

Take commercial roofing, for example. We offer the very best provision in flat/felt roofing, and we have developed our own tried and tested procedures over the years. Our roll and pour method is far superior to other outdated processes and the service is competitively priced and guaranteed for 25 years.

Maybe it’s steel roofing you require? We have experience in large scale roof renewals and all of the steel roofing work is undertaken to suit each individual application. There has been some debate in the sector over cladding methods recently. Rest assured, ours creates a modern looking structure which offers little disturbance to the interior of a property.

But we don’t just undertake commercial work. Our domestic roofing services include all manner of renewing and re-laying roof work, and we have a skilled team who can work with any number of materials. From concrete tiles to slate, polycarbonate cement fibre to lead, we have the expertise to create the finish you desire.

The team is also adept at the installation and renewal of all manner of new and flat roofs, and we can provide the right solution to meet all your roofing repairs. What else would you expect with so many years of experience? What’s more, all repair work is undertaken with sympathy for the property in mind alongside a ten year guarantee.

From copper and lead work to chimney maintenance and Dormers, Velux and Solar tube roof light installation, we really are your one stop shop for all your roofing requirements.

And when it comes to general repairs, our professional and skilled team can make successful longstanding repairs on even the most hard to access areas.

We are confident our services will help you find the roofing solution you require.