Keep your cool this summer with our roofers in Birmingham

JMS Roofing Birmingham

A good roof can make all the difference to your home’s temperature during the winter months – but your roof also has a vital role to play during the summer months, too. You still need the same protection from the elements, and your roof needs to withstand heat just as well as it keeps out the cold. That’s why you need the services of JMS Roofing & Building Ltd. We offer a professional maintenance, repair and reroofing service that ensures your property can cope with any weather comfortably.

Based in Birmingham, our professional roofing team knows how to protect roofs against summer hazards. Flat roofs are at particular risk in hot weather, as tar and felt surfaces can melt and warp in warm conditions. Rain damage through broken gutters is another summer problem – nesting birds can block gutters and cause water build-ups, which seep into the underlying masonry. Summer storms also take their toll, as heavy rain and high wind gives tiles and chimney stacks a battering. We recommend a thorough examination of your roof every winter and summer, with any repairs or maintenance work completed in a timely manner. Our trusted and reliable roofers and builders can address any problem before it gets worse, and hopefully save you time and money further down the line.

Summer is also a great time to consider making alterations to your property. A hot, stuffy home could benefit from new roof skylights, a breezy attic conversion or a light, bright conservatory. Our construction specialists can help you transform your home, adding special touches to bring the outdoors in. Running a workplace? Bring in new air conditioning units, fit new ventilation systems and include more windows and doors with our commercial contractors. We’ll help you plan and implement changes that make the warmer weather more comfortable for everyone.

We’re here all year round to assist with roofing and construction emergencies, planned maintenance and development work. If you’d like to know more about how JMS Roofing & Building Ltd can help you, call us today on [telephone] and speak to our qualified, experienced specialists.