Keep out the damp by getting your roof repaired

One of the key priorities for any homeowner should be to keep damp out of their property. Damp and mould within a home is not only unsightly, it can cause structural damage and create a range of health risks for the inhabitants. It simply isn’t worth taking the risk with moisture.

A common cause of damp is penetrative rain, which enters the building through damaged parts of a property. During periods of bad weather, moisture can reach the interior through cracks, gaps and broken tiles, creating all manner of difficulties for homeowners, tenants and other occupants.

This is why it is essential to conduct regular maintenance checks on roofing, to ensure there are no points of weakness that can be exploited by rainwater. If major damage is caused to the roof, it may require a full replacement in future, rather than minor repair work. This may entail greater expense and more disruption while the work is carried out.

Roof junctions are a common trouble spot for properties, particularly older buildings which have not received regular maintenance over the years. Water can easily find its way into properties through ridges, hips and flashings, meaning it is imperative to maintain the integrity of the roof.

Getting your roof repaired

The complex nature of roof maintenance work means it should be carried out by experienced professionals, who are used to working at height and assessing the needs of individual properties. At JMS Roofing Birmingham, our highly-skilled team has more than 90 years’ combined experience in the roofing industry. This means we have the expertise to carry out the repairs your property needs.

Whether you need repair work to your chimneys, pots, copings, benching, tiles or guttering, we can provide the right solution for your home. On every job we undertake, however complex, we pledge to carry out work sympathetically towards your property. JMS Roofing Birmingham offers a ten-year guarantee, meaning you won’t have to worry about repeating the repair work in the near future.

If you need repairs carrying out on your property in the Birmingham area, don’t hesitate to contact JMS Roofing Birmingham on 0121 442 4942 or get in touch via our website.