The benefits of solar panels

At JMS Roofing, we look after all kinds of residential and commercial roofing projects, and those include making the roof of your home a solar power hub. This relatively new kind of energy production process allows homeowners to harness the heat from the sun and use it to power their own home.

Your solar powered home doesn’t even need direct sunlight to function, it can still warm up your home even on a cloudy day.

There are several benefits to installing a roof with solar panels, and one of them is to contribute towards saving the planet. By burning less fuel and other power sources such as gas and electricity, we are ultimately reducing C02 emissions and having a positive effect on the environment – now if that isn’t a good cause, we don’t know what is!

The next big reason to let your roof generate power for your home is a financial one. In the UK, the government plays its part by giving cash payouts to those who opt for a solar powered property. The amount you will receive depends on your home’s rating within an Energy Performance Certificate system, as well as its location in the country. If you are generating more electricity than you need, you get paid for the amount you feed back in to the national grid.

Even better news – there is relatively little maintenance required on a solar PV system, besides replacing the inverter once every 20 years – so you don’t need to worry about upkeep. The inverter will cost you about £800 when it does come to replacing.

You can also add value to the address itself, meaning you will be able to cash in further down the line should you come to sell your home.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today, to see if you could benefit from solar panels on your home.