When should you consider tapered insulation?

While the warm weather of the summer enables many people to take to the garden and spend a lot more time outdoors, the sunshine also provides the perfect opportunity to fix essential issues with your home.

One of the most common problems that can arise during the winter months is water damage or water pooling, often posing a severe threat to a roof. In such instances, the damage to property can be exceptional, resulting in high repair costs. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take as many preventative actions as possible. If you ignore water damage or standing water, or attempt to solve the issue yourself, this could result in a significantly greater cost and greater damage to your property.

Tapered insulation provides an effective and economical drainage solution, and can be installed by our team at JMS Roofing. When installed correctly, this type of insulation can drastically lengthen the longevity of a roof. It is exceptionally efficient in flat roofs, because it creates a gradual slope which removes any gathering or standing water. It is also environmentally friendly.

With over 30 years in the business, we specialise in both commercial and domestic roofing and have honed our techniques to ensure that our roofs are of the highest quality, and that all issues are resolved in the most efficient way. If you believe that you could benefit from insulation on your roof, regardless of surface or condition, or if you have any questions about tapered insulation or any other work you require, talk to our team of experts today on 0121 442 4942, or via our online enquiry page. All of our customers may ask for a reference before work commences.