Thermal shock and domestic roofing

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Domestic roofing, just like commercial roofing, is something we specialise in here at JMS Roofing in Birmingham. And just like commercial roofs, domestic roofs are always responding and adapting to the temperatures. But this reaction could cause premature roof failure, causing leaks or other roof issues. This is because of thermal shock. But what do you need to know about about thermal shock and domestic roofing?

Thermal shock and domestic roofing

Thermal shock occurs when different parts of the roof heat up to different temperatures, and expand to different levels. Because the temperature is not always spread evenly across a roof, for example, one part of the roof may have more access to sunlight than others, any roof could be at risk.

As different parts of the roof expand at different rates, and different amounts, this causes strain and stress in particular places. Over time, this can cause the roof to split or crack. This means your roof will let water into your property, and it is no longer structurally sound.

Preventing roof failure

The design of the roof is the most crucial feature when it comes to compensating for thermal shock. The expansion and contraction of different materials, like steel and felt, need to be taken into consideration during the planning and design process. A professional roofer will do just this, and make subtle changes to the roof design to accommodate the freeze-thaw cycle.

In addition, a professional roofer will also take into account the direction of the roof, and the potential temperatures, to create a roof built to allow for the maximum amount of contraction and expansion, without feeling the strain.

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