Advantages of commercial steel roof over-cladding

Here at JMS Roofing, we are Birmingham’s leading commercial and domestic roofing experts. And we provide a number of different types of commercial roof option, including felt roofing, sedum and green roofing, and steel roofing. So why should your company decide to use steel roofing? Well, this is our guide to the advantages of commercial steel roof over-cladding

Advantages of commercial steel roof over-cladding

Here at JMS Roofing, we use profiled steel sheeting for large scale roof renewals. And this is known as over-cladding. So what are the advantages of this process?

  • long lasting- steel roof over-cladding is incredibly long lasting and durable. With specific paint, you can even protect the cladding from rust, and corrosion, so that it lasts even longer. In fact, most roofs using steel over-cladding are guaranteed for 40 or 50 years. That’s twice as long as your regular felt roof!
  • aesthetic appeal- steel roof overcladding is particularly attractive for new build commercial properties, and older, more traditional buildings that are being modernised. As a result, if your roof is an important part of your buildings appearance, a steel cladded roof could be the perfect option. A sedum roof could also meet this aestetic need too.
  • insulation- during installation, steel roof over-cladding can provide an access safe roof and the option to increase the insulation properties of the building. This even includes sound proofing. In fact, a range of insulation materials can be used depending on suitability, and your individual business requirements.
  • Asbestos- Steel over cladding is also incredibly suitable for asbestos roofs, where you may be facing difficulties and problems with servicing and access to other plant machinery eg. extractors, ventilation systems and cable routing etc. Steel over-cladding can create a safe access roof.

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by JMS Roofing Birmingham