Solar Panel Benefits


At JMS Roofing, we take care of a variety of roofing projects. From residential to commercial, we have it covered. This includes making your roof solar power suitable. But what is a solar panel and why is it beneficial? As roofing experts, we have produced this guide to the benefits of solar panels.

What is solar power?

Solar power is an energy production process. It allows you to harness heat from the sun, and turn this into energy. It doesn’t even need direct sunlight. This technology works when it’s overcast or cloudy. So, don’t let the great British weather put you off!

What are the benefits?

From saving money to protecting the environment, the benefits of solar panels are huge.

  • Save the planet- solar panels on the roof mean less energy consumption. As a result, less fossil fuels will be burned, and less gas and electricity used. This means that carbon emissions will be greatly reduced.
  • Save money- with solar panels installed you can let your roof generate power for your home. As a result, you won’t be using as much gas or electricity, so your annual energy bills will be lower.
  • Payouts- not only do you save money with solar panels, you could be entitled to a payout from the Government. This can vary in amount depending on your home’s Energy Performance rating, in addition to your homes location. Also, if you make more energy than you need, you can get paid for what you put back into the national grid.
  • Low maintenance- solar panels require very little maintenance. Every 20 years the inverter will need replacing, but apart from that, nothing extra is required for the upkeep.
  • Add value- solar panelled roofs add value to your home. This means you can get more money from your home when it’s time to sell.

In summary

Solar panels are fitted to rooftops to generate energy from the suns heat. They still work well, even in overcast and cloudy conditions. Solar panels can provide a range of benefits, from saving money, to being easy to maintain. Why not  get in touch with the professionals here at JMS roofing, and find out more about solar panel installations.