How does a Roof Protect from Damp?

JMS Roofing Birmingham

Keeping water from causing damage to your home is central aspect to home maintenance. Damp can cause structural damage, as well as unpleasant patches. In addition, long lasting damp can be responsible for a number of health problems. So what does damp have to do with your roof? Well, water damage can be directly caused by roof problems. Here at JMS roofing, we are experts in roof care. This is our guide to damp and your roof.

Penetrative Damp

A hole in your roof from a missing tile or bad flashing can lead directly to penetrative damp. This type of water damage is caused by rain entering the home. Bad, wet weather can cause tiles to become lose, gutters to crack, and cracks and gaps to appear. All of this can allow rain water to cause extensive damage to your home, including damp.

Roof Maintenance

Regularly checking the roof of your property for weaknesses can prevent water damage from occurring. Noticing a missing or broken tile early can prevent rain from causing lasting damage and gives you the opportunity to have it repaired, before damage can occur. In addition, check roof guttering’s for signs of sagging.  A guttering that splashes water continuously in one area can also lead to water penetrating tiny cracks in the wall. Minor repairs that need to be made will cost much less than a problem left to develop over time.

Roof repairs

If you notice damp appearing in your attic or around your windows, contact a professional roofer as soon as possible. The quicker the problem is treated, the easier and cheaper it is to deal with. Roof repair work should only be conducted by a professional and qualified person. Here at JMS Roofing Birmingham, we have more than 90 yrs of combined experience with roofing, which makes us the perfect choice. So whether it’s the chimney flashing or the copings that are letting water into your property, don’t hesitate to contact us.