The roof is your crowning glory

How is your roof? No idea? That’s not surprising really. It’s easy to see how your windows are faring or how your walls are looking but having a good look at your roof is not so easy. Yet, in many ways it’s one of the most important parts of your property; in fact, it’s the crowning glory of your home and its chief protection.

Look back at the weather we have been experiencing – floods everywhere. The floor has to deal with the floods but the roof has to deal with the gales, the rain, the frosts and snow that are thrown at us every year in the UK. Is it any wonder that it might start to weaken after a while or lose a tile here and there?

How many times have you heard of snow mysteriously getting into someone’s loft through cracks that “nobody had noticed before”?

Yes, it happens far too often. Our weather is of such extremes that our roofs are vulnerable to blazing heat or freezing cold, long periods of parching and weeks of torrential rain.

So what does that mean exactly? Well it could mean that your roof needs servicing, and that is where we come in. We are roofing experts. We know what we are looking for when we inspect your roof and we always provide our customers with an honest and economic appraisal.

You probably take your car for regular check-ups, so how much more important is it to have your roof inspected and any minor problems corrected before they turn into major problems? Let’s face it, your property is a much bigger investment than your car and deserves care and attention.

Take pride in your roof.