New App Provides Hail Storm Data for Roofing Contractors!

If you’re a roofing contractor who works in storm affected areas, then this new app is perfect for you! OneSite Mobile has partnered up with CertainTeed Roofing and Hailstrike to deliver an app that allows credentialed roofing contractors access to any information regarding hailstorms. It is site specific and help contractors locate storm damaged roofs instead of trolling through the internet.

It’s available at a discount and only needs to know the property address which can either be located by GPS or entered manually. The app will then find any hail storm activity including the size, duration, speed, direction and the probability of the hail activity all within minutes!

This has been happening since 2011 with Hailstrike offering hail storm reports but only recently has there been an app to go with it. Since everybody owns some type of smartphone now, it allows easier access and there’s no waiting around for reports to load. You can also access this anywhere at any time and have the exact information you need.

The app doesn’t just locate the storm but it also tracks it as well, and for those who have AntiSwath will have access to a colourised and even animated map of the storm so you can see for yourself just how bad it is.

In our opinion, this is an app every roofing contractor should have to avoid any unsafe instances and know the exact damage of what is going to happen/what has already happened. This way you can prepare quickly and see what tools and equipment is needed to fix the problem.

This doesn’t just go for roofing contractors though and includes, Insurance Adjusters, CAT Teams, Independent Claims Adjusters and Roofing Engineers. Download it today, we guarantee you’ll be impressed!