Autumn roof maintenance for flat roofs

As the evenings are drawing in, and it’s starting to feel distinctively chilly, Autumn has arrived. And this is the perfect time of year for your bi-annual maintenance checks for your flat roof. Here at JMS Roofing, we are Birmingham’s leading roofing specialists. From green and sedum roofs, to felt roofs, we can offer a range of services for a variety of commercial and industrial roofs. As a result, we always recommend Autumn roof maintenance for flat roofs. So what does this involve? And what should you be looking out for?

Autumn roof maintenance for flat roofs

Autumn roof maintenance for flat roofs involves simple inspections and checks carried out on your flat roof. Finding any potential problems now, at this time of year, is much better than allowing the problem to get worse into the winter. When the weatherproof or waterproof quality of your roof might fail. Causing a lot of expensive damage to the interior of your property.

So, as part of your Autumn roof maintenance, you should:

  • Check the gutters– leaves and debris get caught and trapped in your gutters over the year, more so in Autumn. And if you leave these in your guttering and pipes over Winter, your property could be effected by damp problems and poor drainage. Both of which are expensive and complicated problems to resolve!
  • Look for cracks, splits, or tears in roofing material- resolving any roofing issues now, even with temporary measures, means that your property can be protected from leaks and water damage internally. Which could halt your work, and temporarily close your business. So makes sure you check thoroughly, and are prepared to make some changes, even temporarily.
  • Ensure sealants and flashing are secure- again, any movement in the sealant or flashing on your roof will turn into a much bigger problem over the winter. Make sure you make repairs, before the bad weather sets in.

For more information or advice about roof repairs and maintenance, get in touch with the professionals today, here at JMS Roofing.

by JMS Roofing Birmingham