What are the advantages of autumn green roof maintenance?

Looking after your green roof in winter doesn’t have to be too taxing. But making sure you get your maintenance done in Autumn, before the winter, is important. So what are the advantages of autumn green roof maintenance? And what should you be doing to look after your sedum or green roof this season? Well, here at JMS Roofing, we are Birmingham’s leading roofing experts. From residential roofing solutions, to commercial and industrial properties, we can provide the roofing solutions you need. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the benefits of green roof maintenance in autumn.

What does autumn green roof maintenance involve?

To look after tour green roof this autumn, you should consider:

  • Remove any rubbish or debris especially fallen leaves.
  • Take note of any potential issues and have these repaired before winter.
  • Clear the drains.
  • Trim the vegetation to allow for improved growth the following year.

What are the advantages of autumn green roof maintenance?

So, why should you take your autumn maintenance seriously? Well, there are a number of benefits to looking after your green roof, especially in autumn. These include:

  • Preventing damage to your roof or property- clogged drains can cause a big problem with water retention and ultimately, water ingress. Autumn maintenance is a good chance to remove any fallen leaves, or dirt that could be clogging your drainage system, to prevent these issues occurring over winter.
  • Keep your plants looking great- fallen leaves can form a damp mess on top of your plants, which can kill them, leaving bald patches in your roof. By removing these in autumn, you can be sure that your roof will look great next spring. You can also pant additional, spring flowering bulbs, ready for a host of colour after winter.

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